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Nemasys Vine Weevil Control

Vine Weevil Control
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Vine Weevil Control contains nematodes, which kill vine weevil larvae or grubs. The nematodes are watered into the soil or compost.
Once they come into contact with vine weevil larvae, they enter the body releasing bacteria, which kills the larva or grub.

Non chemical control of vine weevil
Uses nematodes supplied in a powder form
Dilute with water and apply with a watering can
For use outdoors, in greenhouses, conservatories or in pots
Use when soil temperatures are above 5 degrees Celsius
Pack contents must be used all at once when opened

Vine Weevil Control small:-

One unit of 6 million nematodes
Treats up to 160 pots or 12 square metres [14 sq.yards]

Vine Weevil Control large:-

One unit of 50 million nematodes
Treats up to 100 square metres [120 sq.yards]

Apply April to October in the Garden.
Available all year round for use under glass.

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