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Spider Mite Control (In Sachets)

Spider Mite Control (In Bags)
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Amblyseius Andersonii is supplied in sachets with each sachet containing a colony of Amblyseius and a supply of food, which will last them for up to 6-8 weeks, so it is ideal for using when RSM numbers are low i.e. early or late in the season or if you have a persistent RSM problem each year and you want to introduce a preventative predator. During this time the adult Amblyseius will emerge and search for RSM on your plants to eat. If there are none they will search out other sources of food such as pollen, fungal spores and plant sap and wait for the red spider mite to arrive. Hang approx 1 sachet per plant i.e. 20 sachets is enough to treat the average greenhouse (10 x 6).

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