Scilla Bulbs (Squils) - Flower Bulbs - Autumn Planting
Pinkbells - Scilla Campanulata

Pinkbells, Scilla Campanulata - Pack of 25 (2519)

Commonly known as Spanish Pinkbells. The Pinkbell has thick erect stems that are surrounded by large unscented pink blooms. Many blooms per stem make this a really attractive plant, adding a splash of different colour in a familiar form to your garden.Height 45 cmBlooms April - May

Scilla Siberica

Scilla Siberica - Pack of 25 (2516)

Also known as the Siberian Squil. A delicate bright blue hooded flower to grace your garden in the earliest part of the season. Often sold as bluebells by less scrupulous companies but they mix well with the real thing and can add to your planting.Height 15 cmBlooms March - April

Scilla Siberica Alba

Scilla Siberica Alba - Pack of 25 (2517)

Introduced early in the 1900's, this is a pure white bloomed variant of the Siberian Squill that naturalises well in the english garden setting. Height 15 cm Blooms April - May

Whitebells - Scilla Campanulata

Whitebells, Scilla Campanulata - Pack of 10 (2518)

Also known as Whitebells, these are a pure white variant strain of the above. Tall, multiple bloom plants that really stand out in your garden and naturalise well.

Height 15 cm
Blooms April - May