Wild Daffodil in the green Pseudo Narcissus Lobularis Pack of 5 - Wild Daffodils in the green

Wild Daffodil in the green, Pseudo Narcissus Lobularis - Pack of 5

Wild Daffodil in the green, Pseudo N
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The Wild Daffodil (also known as the Lent Lily) is a variable perennial plant growing from a bulbous root and has long grey-green leaves. The plants have a clump forming habit. The wild form looks very much like its cultivated siblings, except that the true wild species is generally a slighter plant with half-nodding flowers. The 'trumpet' is often a darker yellow and nearly as long as the outer whorl of petals. Its natural habitat is meadows, open deciduous woodlands, waysides and waste grounds in lowland, as well as high lands. Daffodils can tolerate most soils that are well-drained but moist during the growing season. Plant bulbs at one and half times their own depth in sun or partial shade.
Grows to approximately 20cm.
Flowers between April and May.

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