Daffodil and Narcissus Bulbs - Flower Bulbs - Autumn Planting
Golden Bells Narcissus

Golden Bells Narcissus - Pack of 10 (2525)

Variety : Golden Bells Every garden should have a planting of this daffodil - it is the root species of many of our favourite big hybrids. Plant this fantastic little Narcissus and you will have them to enjoy forever. Height 15 - 18 cm Blooms April

Hoop Petticoat Narcissus

Hoop Petticoat Narcissus - Pack of 10 (2524)

Variety : Hoop Petticoat
This unusual low growing Narcissus produces bright golden trumpets that give the appearance of the old fashioned hoop petticoat hence its name. Excellent plant, ideal for naturalising in rough grass for example.

Height 15 - 18 cm
Blooms April - May

Narcissi  February Gold

Narcissi February Gold - Pack of 5 (2722)

Description: Lemon yellow perianth slightly reflexed, bright yellow trumpet Height (cm): 36cm Bulb Size(cm): Top Blooms: March

Narcissi Minnow

Narcissi Minnow - Pack of 10 (2724)

Description: 2-4 dainty, soft yellow flowers per stem, 18cm Height (cm): 18cm Bulb Size(cm): Top Blooms: March

Narcissi Pheasant Eye

Narcissi Pheasant Eye - Pack of 5 (2721)

Description: Large white perianth, cup yellow, edged fiery red,scented
Height (cm): 35cm
Bulb Size(cm): Top
Blooms: May

Narcissi Pipit

Narcissi Pipit - Pack of 10 (2725)

Description: Soft lemon, crown and base of perianth turns pure white with age
Height (cm): 25cm
Bulb Size(cm): Top
Blooms: April

Narcissi Thalia

Narcissi Thalia - Pack of 10 (2723)

Description: Snow white flowers in clusters, 3-4 per stem
Height (cm): 30cm
Bulb Size(cm): Top
Blooms: mid-April

Narcissi Topolino - Pack of 10

Narcissi Topolino - Pack of 10 (3590)

Perfect for borders, Narcissus ‘Topolino’ produces small, star-shaped, highly fragrant flowers with white petals and golden yellow trumpets. It’s perfect for growing in spring container displays, rockeries and borders, and makes an excellent cut flower.

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle - Pack of 1

Narcissus Rip Van Winkle - Pack of 10 (2989)

Rip Van Winkle is bright yellow "sparkler" style gem. With spiky puffs of eye-opening chrome yellow

Narcissi Paperwhite Grandiflora

Paperwhite Narcissus Daffodil Christmas Flowering - Pack of 12 (3589)

Highly scented flowers, pure white bunch flowering, ideal for indoor Christmas forcing or spring bulbs.

Pseudo Narcissus Lobularis Bulbs - Wild Daffodil

Pseudo Narcissus - Wild Daffodil - Pack of 10 (2482)

The Wild Daffodil (also known as the Lent Lily) is a variable perennial plant growing from a bulbous root and has long grey-green leaves. The plants have a clump forming habit. The wild form looks very much like its cultivated siblings, except that the true wild species is generally a slighter plant with half-nodding flowers. The 'trumpet' is often a darker yellow and nearly as long as the outer whorl of petals.

Tete a Tete - Narcissus Cyclamineus

Tete a Tete - Narcissus Cyclamineus - Pack of 25 (2526)

Variety: Tete-A-Tete A full sun or semi-shade variety that is very easy growing and naturalising. This variety produces multiple blooms per stem and is a real stunner. Height 15 - 18 cm Blooms February - March