Fritillaria Meleagris Mixed Snakes Head Lily Pack of 25 - Fritillaria

Fritillaria Meleagris Mixed, Snake's Head Lily - Pack of 25

Fritillaria Meleagris Mixed - Snake''s
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Snake's head fritillaries always excite attention wherever they are seen. None of the other lovely members of the fritillaria genus can match this native wildflower for the bizarre and unmistakable colouring of its large cup- or bell-shaped flowers. They are various shades of purple, always with a pronounced checked pattern all over, and even the luminous white form has a faint check pattern like a watermark. Plants are extremely hardy and trouble-free in free-draining soil, and love the light shade of woodland conditions - planted in drifts under shrubs or naturalise in grass. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its prestigious Award of Garden Merit(AGM).
Grows to approximately 25cm.
Flowers between April and May.

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